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Diary Of A Spoonie #3: Insurance Sucks

Everyone left the house early today so I enjoyed the blissful silence by sleeping-in completely undisturbed. There was, however, a consequence when my mother and brother texted me and asked if I wanted Chick-Fil-A for lunch and I didn’t respond because I was asleep, ergo no lunch. But that is okay. I enjoyed my Coca-Cola and popcorn, so I forgive them for not calling. I do feel the need to mention that popcorn is aninsurance-stress
entire food group to me, so popcorn as a meal is not odd and is something I do way more than I should. I then spent a great chunk of the afternoon fighting with my insurance company. Why is it that insurance must be so complicated and inefficient? I mean honestly, I spoke to six different people, none of whom could actually give me the answer that I was looking for. I just tried to smile, take it like a champ, and tried to remember to hang up the phone before I started yelling. Now I am going to watch Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, eat a PB&J, and chill out.

Good luck out there!



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