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Diary of a spoonie 5: We’re on a streak y’all!

It’s happened. I had 3 good days in a row. The first day I assumed it was a fluke but here we are on day three and I’m still functioning. My family is looking at me like I’m an exhibit at the zoo because I think they’re honestly unsure what to do. But as far as any of it is concerned, I’m going to keep going, blast Spotify, and dance my ass off while I can.

The first day I cleaned my room, vacuumed the house, did all my laundry all while blasting music and dancing around. The second day I woke up early (unheard of) and forced my family to get up and do something (also unheard of), we eventually took my brothers car off-roading and on the way back broke down and had a very very interesting time towing it home. The day was super fun nonetheless. The third day I slept in (well deserved I think) and then had a doctor’s appointment with the Chinese medicine guy, and then went to my best friends house for dinner. Then we got the best snow cones around (don’t judge me, they’re amazing) and went shopping.

Now It’s the fourth day and I am definitely feeling the effects of the first three days but I’m chugging along in a lot less pain that I usually would. Thank god.

Hopefully I’ll just keep stringing along good days until I’m some semblance of “back on my feet.”


Good luck out there



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