Diary of a Spoonie 6: Update on Finding a Therapist

So I’ve mentioned this previously, but I’m on the hunt for a new therapist. First I saw this older gentleman, he was nice enough, wasn’t too expensive, but something with him just didn’t click. I went about three weeks without therapy, and woah did that not help. So this week we’ve kicked it up a notch and I’m seeing three therapists in an effort to find one I like. It’s like a marathon of therapy. I have my story perfected and condensed now at least. The first was a man, middle aged that I had seen before. He’s very good at what he does despite his obvious attempts to feed me the bible, but he’s astronomically expensive and I am not about to ask for my parents to pay for someone I talk at for an hour a week. Strike one. The second was a lady, very pretty and blonde with kind eyes that I really did enjoy talking to. She did make me feel a little bit like I wasn’t crazy enough to need help, but by the end I think she got the picture. I am definitely crazy enough to see her. Although at the end of the appointment she told me she might literally not have any time for me in her schedule. Strike two. I am feeling very unlucky at this point, thinking it’s completely hopeless. The third was a younger woman, who uses alternative therapy called Qigong. Which before I went to see her sounded a lot like voodoo and made me a little scared. But if there is one thing I have learned from this last 5 years it is that the genius’ lie on the fringe. So I went in completely open minded and tried to embrace everything she was about. There was a lot of hand waving I kid you not I was told to spit into a plastic bag but I left that appointment feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt progress, and that is very rare these days. So I grabbed it with both hands and I am not going to let go. I am going to do everything this woman says and give it a real go.



But as for the day in the life part of this, my only word would be: exhausted. I’ve had to be up and out every single day and even though I am sleeping, my body is so close to crashing. I can feel it. I had to stop in the middle of this sentence just to yawn and then remember how to breathe. So lets hope I can keep it together through this trip to see my neurologist 5 hours away and then three days of my brothers hockey games. I think it might be me that’s going to need the luck out there this time.


But still, good luck out there!



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