Diary of a Spoonie 7: Surviving a Long Weekend

Friday January 17, 2017

So my dad and I left at about 5AM to drive 5 hours to my neurology appointment. We made it in way early and ended up at a shoe store and I got some new nike’s so no complaints here. Anyways, we went to the appointment, adjusted my medication a bit, got some shots of certain things that help my pain, and off we were. We then decided we wanted to go to the apple store because my apple watch was broken and my dads phone also was having some issues. We finally got there and the lady told us it would be an hour in a half. So we walked around other shops just having fun together. But then it was back to the apple store, and when I say they were the rudest people I’ve ever met, I don’t even believe that describes how incredibly horrific these people were. So we left that excursion tired, annoyed, and generally hating apple a whole lot. By this point y pain boiled over at about a 9, so once we got into my uncles house it was hoodie, medication, and curl into a ball. My dad asked if I wanted dinner or wanted to go get my brother (someone else brought him up so he didn’t miss school) but I was curled up in my hoodie and asleep by 8pm so I missed all of that.



Saturday January 18, 2017

EJ (my brother) had a hockey tournament that had a start time of about 7:30 in the morning. I skipped out on that super fun early morning and they let me sleep. I woke up at 9, got ready at a slow pace, and once my dad came back he asked if I wanted to go return things to Sephora and then go to the pharmacy to get the meds the neurologist changed. I did go and return the Sephora thing, followed by immediately spending the money I got back on products from Sephora. I almost hit it exactly; I was only a dollar off. Next it was time to go to the pharmacy. Most of my medications were a breeze, but the Celebrex was a pain in the ass. They wanted $75 for a generic. That is lunacy. So we called our insurance company and they told us about some websites to get discount cards. We went online and got them, gave them to the pharmacy, and they now wanted $265. Despite the fact that it was so confusing and irritating we got the other medications and left the Celebrex there. After that, EJ had a hockey game and I went and cheered to his embarrassment I’m sure. But he played like a total badass and we won 4-1. After the game, we had to rush back so they could get ready to go to the Dallas Stars game. They left, and I enjoyed the blissful silence for a moment and decided I was going to have a movie night. So I sat down in the media room, reclined the seat, grabbed my popcorn, beer, and some soda, and watched The Edge of Seventeen. Which I think was good for what it was. I am pretty much the target age for the film and it was good enough to entertain me for two hours. After that it was time for pajamas and bed. I was lights out pretty soon after my head hit the pillow after the past two days of constant running around.



Sunday January 19, 2017

This morning EJ had a game way early and I did not go. I slept until 9, got ready, painted my nails, and waited for them to return. They finally did and they were leaving pretty soon after (to the next game I thought) but it ended up being a mall excursion. Now any chronically ill person will tell you the mall is pretty much guaranteed to take all you spoons for like three days. It is exhausting. One good thing came from it though, I got a salt lamp for my room that has a spot to diffuse essential oils and I am hoping it really does do for my health what it claims. Except when I was getting the essential oils I wanted I had to smell the I did it and it almost made me black out in the store the pain was so bad. But I finally got out and back to the house. I was planning on going my brother’s 6 o’clock game but honestly I just knew my body couldn’t handle that. So I stayed home, curled up in my hoodie (apparently that’s my new “I’m sick don’t touch or talk to me thing) watched some Netflix, and went to sleep.


Monday January 20, 2017

I woke up about 4 AM in so much pain I could barely see. But I took a muscle relaxer, tried pressing on pressure points, and used a pain frequency app to try to bring it down. I succeeded and ended up in the shower under the hot water loosening my neck and back. Then when I got out I decided to make a list of every anti-depressant, and anxiety medication for my psychiatry appointment on the 27th. And let me just say we did try a lot of them for pain, not solely for depression but woah is it a big list. Way bigger than a 21 year old girl should ever have. And then I decided to write this for y’all at 5AM. So I’m gonna go and try to sleep.


Good Luck Out There!



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