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A letter, from sick kid to sick kid.

I don’t know what particular ailment you suffer from, but let me be the first to tell you, I believe you. No matter how many negative tests you’ve received, no matter how many asshole doctors have told you what you’re feeling is not real, I’m here and I know your truth. I know you didn’t choose this, and I know that this ailment has probably wreaked havoc in your life. And it is okay to cry. I want you to know that I understand how you feel when you’re home in bed and not at prom. I spent my prom night in bed crying after seeing all the photos on social media. I understand how you feel when friends move on without you. My friends went to college all over the country, and made a life for themselves that didn’t include me. I understand how you feel when you are drowning in illness and struggling to breathe. I know that this has been hell for you.

But I want to tell you, that through this illness you can have happiness and you can have your own memories. Trust me, your anecdotes from your time ill will be a hit at any party. You will also shed acquaintances and find out who truly cares. You will only have true friends who genuinely love you, and that’s better than the normies get. You will form an unbreakable bond with those who help take care of you. You will grow closer to your family because you will understand even more than those older than you that every moment we get with them is invaluable. However, even after fully embracing your new reality, you’re allowed to wish it went differently. You can yell. You can punch something. You can get really pissed. But then you have to be able to yank yourself out of that black hole. You cannot live in that negative space, it will swallow you up in one gulp. Choose to live in the light.

Finally, I want you to know that you never have to apologize to anyone because of your illness. And you can’t let the world make you feel guilty. You don’t owe the world an explanation. And after everything I’ve said here, THE most important thing is that you know you’re a badass human being. You are stronger than most of the human race and you will get through this. You will manage it, you will conquer it, you will handle it.

2 thoughts on “A letter, from sick kid to sick kid.

  1. Bless you Madeline….for you spoke TRUTH, healing, understanding and love!!! I promise to always tell the world the TRUTH….we owe this to you!!! For your life was a sacrifice, helping others see that it is okay to cry, be mad, scream!!!! But to get up and KNOW that you are someone amazing….. you survive PAIN on a daily basis….. baddasses for sure…. you fought a good race girlie! May God be holding you and showering his love upon you….thank you…xoxo


  2. So many girls (and now boys) living this exact life! So brave of you and true to yourself for sharing, Madeline! Flying on the wings of our Lord now, sweet angel! ❤ <3's!!


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