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Diary of A Spoonie 9: My weekend of Peace.

My family left Saturday morning and I was left on my own until mid-Sunday. Now I think I can speak for most of us when I saw that any spoonie gets excited for an empty house. This is no noise, no one to wake you up when you’re resting, and no one to judge you for staying in pajamas for days at a time. But it can also go the other way as well. This is no one to stop you from blasting music when you feel good, no one to get mad when you’re messing up your sleep schedule, no one to tell you what to do or not to do. You get peace and total freedom. You get to totally control every aspect of your day. And since many chronically ill people cant control the things happening inside their body, control is very important in the exteriors. And let me tell you that I really enjoyed it, but I will not lie, I can’t wait for my family to get home in a couple hours and life is just not as colorful without them around.

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