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Diary of a Spoonie 10: A week in review


I had a psychiatry appointment to make sure my medication is the best for what I need, especially my anxiety medication. Psychiatrists are all too eager to give benzodiazepines for control of panic attacks and general anxiety. The problem with this is that these medications are highly addictive as well as extremely easy to build up a tolerance to, causing the patient to need higher and higher dosages. Fortunately this doctor actually wanted me to go down on my dosage of benzo, discontinue another medication, and add another medication that will hopefully be a greater help to me. I was pretty impressed with her overall. She listened to me, really took in the information and made the best recommendation she could. This sounds like a basic function of a doctor, but us spoonies know that many doctors aren’t like this.



That was my rest day. I took Tuesday to relax and recharge. I wasn’t feeling too good and needed a day in bed. I did paint my nails though. That didn’t help my headache but when my nails are done I feel like I have my life together. So I did it anyway. By nighttime I was feeling okay so I went out on a date to get froyo. It was super fun and just what I needed to balance out my day of rest.



I had an appointment with a urologist to see if the kidney infection I have is of serious concern. Turns out it’s not, thank god. I should be good to go after the course of antibiotics is finished. The doctor was alarmingly young, but very thorough and I would 10/10 recommend him. I gave up on actually doing anything around 8 o’clock. So I got in the bath and just relaxed. I was exhausted and feeling pretty sick after so I threw the towel in, put my pajamas on, took some NyQuil and went to sleep.



Going to bed early last night definitely helped me feel better today because I woke up pretty well rested. However, my pain was pretty high when I awoke, like 8/9, so I really don’t feel like moving. I don’t have anywhere to go today besides the pharmacy so I am going to enjoy my day off. Tonight is family movie night. We’re watching Doctor Strange and I’m being told there will be pizza, so no complaints here!

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